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Brief Introduction

Hosted by China National Coal Association, co-hosted by China National Coal Group Corp., Organized by China Coal Consultant International and Together Expo Limited, China Coal & Mining Expo is held every two years and have been successfully held 17 sessions. China Coal & Mining Expo 2017 was successfully held in Beijing New China International Exhibition Center from October 25 to 28, 2017. Nearly 100,000 people from more than 30 countries and regions visited the exhibition. With the theme of "intelligent manufacturing, leading the future", the exhibition focused on displaying new equipment, new technology and new solutions in the field of coal production in the past two years at home and abroad.

China Coal & Mining Expo 2019 will be held from October 30 to November 2, 2019 in Beijing, and is expected to have nearly 500 exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions in the world, and the exhibition area is expected to reach 60000 square meters, professional audience break through 110000 person-time. The highlight of this exhibition is to extend the scope of exhibition to non-coal mining, energy and new energy industries. Several technical seminars and activities will be held at the same time.

Over the past two years, China's coal market has been basically balanced in terms of supply and demand, the operation quality of the industry has been continuously improved, the adjustment of industrial structure has been further optimized, and new progress has been made in transformation and upgrading. With "focusing on industry development and leading technological progress" as its mission, China Coal & Mining Expo is striving to build a modern business and technology exchange platform for the coal mining industry.

After more than 30 years of development and careful cultivation, China Coal & Mining Expo has been regarded as a brand exhibition that cannot be missed for two years by most of the industry elite and professional audience in China's coal mining industry. China Coal & Mining Expo firmly believes that attending the exhibition is a process of value creation and quality improvement, a process of realizing the integration and collision of information, technology and opportunities and generating new business opportunities in a short time, and a process of transforming cutting-edge scientific research results into production. More and more enterprises will attend the exhibition as the preferred business and publicity platform.

China Coal & Mining Expo is striving to build a comprehensive publicity channel for the exhibition, and will make efficient use of traditional TV media, newspapers, magazines, online media, WeChat, microblog and other emerging "we media" to constantly arouse the enthusiasm of enterprises to participate in the exhibition. The official WeChat platform of the exhibition now has more than ten thousand professional fans, forming interaction and timely sharing of the exhibition and industry information, and expanding the intensity and depth of publicity and influence of the exhibition.

It will continue to increase publicity and promotion efforts, expand the scope of overseas exhibitions and constantly improve the international level of the exhibition. The organizing committee will also focus on strengthening the organization of professional audience of overseas coal enterprises and building a platform for Chinese coal machinery manufacturers to go abroad.

Several technical seminars and activities will be held at the same time, which will provide the exhibitors and professional audiences with face-to-face communication opportunities. The exhibitors will share the latest technologies and achievements in the professional field with the audience, and discuss innovative ideas together. During China Coal & Mining Expo 2017, 9 technical seminars were organized, and the audience was full in every session. In 2019, the organization of technical seminars will be strengthened to provide better communication environment for exhibitors and visitors.

China Coal & Mining Expo is always committed to providing all-round services before, during and after the exhibition for exhibitors and visitors, constantly improving the organization and management level of the exhibition, and introducing more advanced concepts and international ideas of the exhibition. The organizing committee will provide services such as booth construction, exhibit transportation, hotel accommodation, shuttle service, conference, security, publicity and promotion, volunteer service, consultation and network promotion. Timely solve the problems encountered by exhibitors, and constantly guide exhibitors to innovate the exhibition mode, to create efficient, economical and high-quality exhibitions.