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Ferrit mining transportation equipment (Beijing) co., LTD is the only one sole proprietorship established by the Czech Ferrit company within the territory of China. It’s mainly for Chinese mining enterprises to provide excellent quality of auxiliary transportation system - monorail system and rack rail locomotive system.The company was founded in 2008, officially renamed Ferrit mining transportation equipment (Beijing) co., LTD in 2010.

Ferrit Czech company was founded in 1993, it is located in Ostrava which is the third largest city of Czech republic's. Ostrava is famous for its mines and mining equipment all over the world. In order to adapt to the needs of different coal mines for auxiliary transport equipment for the goal,Ferrit company has developed a variety of different purposes of auxiliary transportation equipment. Our transport equipment are widely used in the coal mines of many countries, such as the Czech republic, Russia, China, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, Mexico, Chile, South Africa and other countries. The market share of our products in Europe has reached over 90%. At present, Ferrit monorail crane system output can reach more than 100 sets per year, and each product has passed strict inspection, and strive to achieve perfect product standards of high quality. Ferrit's strong strength enables it to dominate the market of major coal producing countries in Europe and smoothly enter the Chinese market.

The monorail crane system produced by Ferrit company has the advantages of small size, flexible operation, high transport efficiency, long transport distance, small cross section through the roadway, low requirements for roadway conditions, small turning radius, easy installation and disassembly of the suspension track, track can be reused and safe and reliable.After its first entry into the Chinese market since 2006 with so many advantages, we have sold more than 150 sets of monorail crane equipment and supporting equipment, in the last few years. The customers throughout shandong, shanxi, anhui, Inner Mongolia, xinjiang, yunnan, heilongjiang and other regions.

Ferrit company is dedicated to the mine provides a more convenient, fast and safe auxiliary transportation system, the company in line with "the customer first, forge ahead, common development" business philosophy, and constantly open up new markets in China, sincerely cooperate with each group unit, constitute a good service in mines of service system.

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