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Datong Zhongke Weishi Mining Technology Co., Ltd. was established on September 11, 2015. Zhongke Weishi Mining Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company to improve production efficiency, reduce operating costs, provide efficient technical solutions and intelligent operation management for coal mining enterprises. Technical service company.

The company has strong technical strength and has a large number of technical experts and R&D talents in many fields such as mechanical, hydraulic, electrical automation, software development, data integration, mining engineering, etc., with many years of practice and experience. Self-developed “Drilling Machine Life Cycle Management System”, “Drilling Machine Production Operation Online Inspection System” and “Triving Machine Failure Analysis and Expert Consultation System” to reduce equipment failure, reduce operating costs, increase roadheader service life and improve operation efficiency Produce revolutionary practical effects.

Since 2015, it has successfully realized the strategic development and transformation from “Drilling Machine Equipment Manufacturing” to “Coal Mine Machine Production Technology Service”; it has truly realized the transfer of the main business battlefield from the production workshop to the customer production line, which is the coal mine driving system. The operation provides specialized services aimed at improving on-site operation management, improving production operation efficiency, improving equipment service life, reducing equipment failure rate, and reducing comprehensive operation costs; providing automation, intelligent upgrade and re-engineering for customer line-drilling system roadheader Manufacturing, while also providing revitalization solutions for customers' idle asset disposal.

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